Wednesday, 7 August 2013

8 months

i can't believe our little kiki cat is 8 months old! she's the sweetest, silliest girl in the world. she's growing like crazy and doing new things every day. she's now pulling up to stand, cruising all day around the outside of the pack n play, and has even gotten confident enough to practice letting go which of course results in immediate falling. i expect she'll be walking relatively soon though, as determined as she is to stand unsupported. she's drinking water out of a sippy cup on her own, letting me feed her purees and greek yogurt from a spoon, and feeding herself non-slimy things like chunks of cheddar cheese and pizza crusts. she says "mama" all the time, usually when she's screaming from another room to get me to come back. in the past few days she has started waving, but mostly just to herself in the mirror. she has full control of the walker and it's beyond cute to watch her run as fast as she can toward colby! it's just a preview of the days when she's older and can run into his arms. i can't wait for that.

she's still obsessed with our laptops, so i got out colby's clunky old toshiba and we let her pull up to the coffee table in her walker and bang on it. she loves it so much she screams at the top of her lungs. other things she loves but should not: cords of any kind, our phones, ipods, CDs, amazon boxes, and dish sponges to name a few. she has a few favorite toys, but would ditch any of them in a heartbeat for the things i just listed.
we finally got her to enjoy the water last week! we've been trying and i think the temperature has been too cold for her liking, but we drove out to hawksnest one afternoon recently and i walked confidently right into the water with her before she even realized what was going on. once she discovered it was just like bath time but with salty water, she was hooked! she started splashing like crazy and squealing, then licking the salt off of her lips. we can't wait to get her back in the water.

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