Saturday, 6 July 2013

7 months

cat scratch fever is 7 months old today! she is doing so many new things i hope i can remember all of them. she can sit up easily and in fact refuses to lie down for diaper changes now. she's still  fitting in some of her 3 month onesies and wearing size 2 diapers, but is in 9 mo. jammies and even fits into a few 12 mo. things, which means pretty soon she'll be dressed in nothing but hello kitty. she's now able to wear her juicy shoes that are for 1 year olds if that tells you how big her feet are.

we finally made some progress with food. a couple weeks ago, i was eating a banana and she was opening her mouth so i let her nibble on it. she went crazy and took a few good bites, chewed, and swallowed. from then on, i started letting her taste what i'm eating if it's not spicy. so far she has gnawed on quite a few bananas, a nectarine, a celery stalk, a couple pizza crusts, and a johnny cake. she has also licked pizza sauce, a sour cream and onion chip, and had a taste of ice cream. she still doesn't like to touch sticky stuff like avocado and banana, but she's comfortable with a pizza crust so maybe she's just prissy. she still refuses all foods from a spoon and i'm starting to worry that it's her lip tie preventing her from using the spoon comfortably. we've tried oatmeal many times, baby food bananas and sweet potatoes, and she pushes it all out with her tongue and gags.

she is such a silly girl and enjoys scratching anything and everything. her favorites are the back of the chair we sit in together and the top of my laptop which makes a sound like a dj scratching a record. she laughs and screams while she does it. colby calls her cat scratch aka kizzy skrizzy. she thinks that knocking on the table is hilarious. she loves to imitate me using my laptop. she rolls up to the coffee table in her walker and aggressively pushes all the keys on the keyboard. yesterday she ripped my F5 button off! she once again likes to hang upside down and now also cracks up when we bounce her and throw her in the air. she is very comfortable playing independently, which is great because i'm now taking her to work with me at a real estate office for 4 hours 2 days a week. she can roll around playing with toys in the pack and play for sometimes 2 hours straight without needing anything more than a wave from me to make sure i'm paying attention to all the cool stuff she's doing.

and now for the biggest news of all... on the 4th she figured out how to crawl AND sprouted 2 razor sharp bottom teeth all in one day!

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