Sunday, 23 February 2014

big girl talking

kiki has had a language explosion over the past week! she surprises us every day with something new. i haven't counted her words yet, so here goes:

cat (usually she says cattt! cattt! cattt!)
shoes (shooozsh)
what you got?
where'd it go?
flower (gower)
toot toot
baby (ba-pa)
dog (doge)
circle (gur-kle)
uh oh
thank you (tah too)

there are a few words she has said a few times but not consistently enough to count, i don't think:
bumblebee (bumba)
butterfly (ba da da)

she also barks like a dog when she sees or hears one (or the geico pig lol), points at sebastian and says "doge" when asked where her dog bast is, and points at circles and says "gurkle!"


  1. Replies
    1. maybe if her unka unka donny would come over more we could count that one!

  2. yes and I tell Colby to keep saying nana and poppy to her until she says it. Where are those words?

    1. she looks at her photo album every day and we show her everyone. she mostly just squeals at everyone but "baby" (pictures of herself) and "doge" but we're working on it!