Wednesday, 6 November 2013

11 months

kiki is one month shy of a year old today!  she is officially walking.  she still prefers to crawl when she has to get somewhere in a hurry, and she staggers like a cruz bay drunk, but a couple days ago she walked all the way across the apartment to me. that same day, while i was at work, colby taught her how to clap. we had never specifically tried to teach her that before so she's probably way late on it.  it's so cute when she walks and claps at the same time!

we've had a total relapse with her eating habits and i'm not sure why.  she won't let me feed her anything from a spoon or fork except greek yogurt.  she's very interested in what's on our plates and grabs at our food, but if we offer it to her she backs away.  i try to share everything i eat with her, but she's only eating a few nibbles here and there.  she also stopped caring about the sippy cup and will only take sips out of it occasionally.  i put some regular milk in her bottle once and she chugged it, so i tried milk in the sippy and she looked at me as if i had betrayed her.

i've been fighting off a nasty staph infection in my head for the past week.  colby had to take some time off work because i was in so much pain.  i've been trying to be as "hands off" as possible to lower the risk of spreading the infection to kiki, so she and colby have been bonding even more than usual.  it's the most amazing thing in the world to see them together.  he is so sweet and loving and she adores him.  she cries every time he walks out the door, and sometimes even when he just leaves the room.  they both love their "kiki dada days" when i go to work and they hang out at home all day.

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